Project info
Client Requirements

TBCRM is to allow the clients (TBCRM Owners, who own a series of gyms, and have franchised a number of gyms) to onboard clients and empower their staff and franchisees to manage their clients in the gym.
The app is to be published to the app store, so that clients can download it.
There are 4 roles that users can have:
– Clients
– Coach
– HeadCoach
– Admin (this will be hard loaded in the app, lower roles can be added by admins)
The principal purpose of the app is to onbaord clients and make it easy for the coaches to manage their clients.

The Solution

TBCRM is focused on 4 user types:-
– Clients
– Coach
– HeadCoach
– Admin
We decided to create a consistent design for each user type. We followed simple and easy to use structure for this app so that any user can easily operate the app without getting into any trouble. We started working on the UX and working prototypes, after finalizing the prototype we started UI design with using simple and basic elements with a touch of playfulness. We used Ionic for building the app.

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