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Cloud solutions for your business by Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure for Your Business

The Microsoft Cloud offers a wealth of features and resources for your business. If you need to connect or migrate over to Microsoft Azure, Professional Web Solutions can help you today.

Features of Microsoft Azure

Pay As You Go

The Microsoft cloud is very flexible. You can use it to grow your business on-demand, but you’ll only pay for what you actually use.


Microsoft cloud is secure because it uses the security development life cycle. This is a great way of making sure that the cloud platform and the data that you store there is secure. Even if your business’ laptops and computers are lost or stolen your important information is still secure.

Up to Date

When you use the most up-to-date cloud technology, which is what Microsoft cloud offers, you stay competitive. This means that your business can quickly build, test and deploy infrastructure.


The cloud serves as a large, central storage location for your documents. This lets you manage your company’s documents better.


It doesn’t matter what device your employees use or where they’re located, they can all access the same information. As such, collaboration increases since everyone can now work together securely and seamlessly.

Constant Uptime

Every business needs a good disaster recovery strategy. With the Microsoft cloud you can rest assured that your data and applications are safe. You also don’t have to worry about your users or customers ever being offline

Seamless Updates

The Microsoft cloud performs automatic software updates in real-time with 100% uptake.

Works Everywhere

When working in the cloud employees have access to documents and applications regardless of their location.

Eco Friendly

Because Azure is a scalable technolgy, you will only use the amount of server space you need. The result is lower energy use which lowers your carbon footprint.

Working with PWS was an amazing experience. The regular communication ensured that the result we got was everything we were after.

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