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Make the Move

Have you considered taking your business to the cloud? From shrinking your workload to maximising your online availability, you’ve probably heard a lot about how cloud computing could benefit your company.

For a pain free solution, the migration process needs to be done well. Professional Web Solutions have helped many businesses migrate to cloud based services and can help you successfully transition to the power of the cloud.

Important Considerations for Migration

Plan for Downtime

It’s unlikely that a switch to the cloud will not impose some downtime for affected systems. Between shutting down your current setup and activating the cloud service, you will experience downtime stretching from several minutes to several days. This will depend on the kind of applications you’re switching and the nature of your business.

We work to minimise downtime as we know how critical it is to your businesses that your systems are up and running.

Check Your Programs

Understanding the relationships between your applications is crucial to achieving a seamless migration. This isn’t always a problem with common business software, but the same can’t be said of proprietary and legacy programs.

It goes without saying that updating your software to make it run in a cloud environment should be done before the migration begins. We can take care of updating software so your business is fully prepared to make the jump.

Backup Plan

As you can imagine, migrating to a cloud based system involves a lot of moving parts. Whilst we take care to ensure your systems are fully prepared for the move, there can be unforseeable complications.

Part of the Professional Web Solutions process is having a back-up plan that includes several redundancy options should part of the system fail during the migration.

It Pays to Outsource

Cloud based migrations are something that we regularly do for Perth businesses. As a result, we are familiar with many of the processes and variables which occur.

By choosing Professional Web Solutions, you are leveraging years of experience which could ultimatle help you achieve a more seamless transition with minimal downtime.

I can’t believe it was actually possible! Fantastic effort and much quicker than we expected.

Robert, PlayAR

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