Meat Processing Supplies

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Custom Contact Form , Custom Product Order Form , Custom Store Locator Map , Fulfilment Engine Integration , Google Maps , Stripe Integration
Client Requirements

Meat Processing Supplies are a high-end provider of tools and equipment in the butchering industry. They have a wide range of products related to the meat processing, from knives and machines to cleaning products and packaging (everything except for the meat itself). MPS approached PWS for a website that displayed their capabilities in a fittingly professional manner, and that was capable of handling online orders through their existing fulfilment engine.

The Solution

PWS took on this exciting project and made sure the end result was the best possible outcome for the client. Completing the online store involved integration with multiple third party systems to handle inventory management and order fulfilment. A custom feature was added for the MPS team- since they often visit business partners and like to notify them of any changes to their products, an ‘Export to PDF’ button was installed that automatically takes the product list, breaks it down into the relevant information, sorts it by product category and then alphabetically (with each category titled on the page), applies the MPS branding colours, and finally exports the list to a PDF right to the user’s computer. This saves the team a large amount of tedious work each time a new list is required, and makes promoting their products easier than ever.