Project info
Client Requirements

Transpiro, a visionary leader in the realm of “green tech,” specializes in providing innovative environmental chemical technology solutions based on the transpiration of plants. With a wide-reaching clientele spanning across various sectors including Government, mining, and agriculture, Transpiro sought a fresh brand identity and an engaging website that would not only mirror their prominent position in the market but also convey their commitment to cutting-edge technology while maintaining a strong eco-friendly image.

The Solution

For the brand identity, we undertook a multifaceted approach to meet Transpiro’s needs:

  • Logo Design: We meticulously crafted a unique logo that perfectly captures Transpiro’s essence. The new logo resonates with the “green tech” theme and showcases their environmental commitment while reflecting their cutting-edge technology.
  • Website Design: We developed two distinct website mockups – one light and one dark. After extensive consultation with the client, it was determined that the darker look resonated most with their vision. The darker website design beautifully complements their commitment to innovation and technology, creating a visually striking and engaging platform for Transpiro’s audience.


In summary, we’ve successfully transformed Transpiro’s brand identity and website to align with their position in the market and emphasize their dedication to cutting-edge “green tech.” The new logo and website design reflect Transpiro’s unique offering and are poised to leave a lasting impression on their target audience across various industries, reinforcing their position as a leader in environmental chemical technology.