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Client Requirements

WEMYSS Group are a family-owned branch of a highly successful international conglomerate that specialise in providing expertise and financial backing to their partners. They are investors that do more than just send money- they build relationships with the businesses themselves, and use their generations of experience across a range of sectors to help the businesses succeed. WEMYSS Group approached PWS requesting a site that conveyed their services and experience effectively, and shows that they are reliable and professional investors and developers.

The Solution

To assist WEMYSS Group with their website goals, PWS created a stunning and elegant site that aligns with the main reasons that potential customers would visit their site- to research WEMYSS and decide if they’re a good fit as a partner, and understand the skillset that they bring to the table. The site has dedicated sections that focus on their existing portfolio, and contains all the information needed to get in contact, with easily available CTA’s. There are very clear connections between this branch of the company and it’s many sister companies, to convey that the Group are established in their field and therefore build the trust that site visitors have in them.