Café One58

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Custom Contact Form , Google Maps
Client Requirements

Café One58 is in the top 3 restaurants in Mandurah and offers comfortable clean indoor and alfresco style dining. One58 is a welcomed addition to Mandurah, boasting a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a relaxed bistro menu and incredible coffee – yep, there’s a reason why this venue was voted TripAdvisor’s #1 in Mandurah. They wanted a clean website with a form for online booking. They wanted to showcase their amazing dishes which they offer. They needed their new site to be tastefully satisfying and simple to oversee

The Solution

We began off with the site, as it was a to some degree less unpredictable piece of the undertaking. The thought behind the format was sufficiently clear – effortlessness and compactness were vital, so we settled on a white foundation with shifted shades of green for delineations and the logo, each page was intended to be scrollable start to finish, with an extensive, effectively meaningful textual style and as few sentences as could reasonably be expected. We kept the website minimal, to ensure that the site guests would get the entire picture without spending > 4 minutes or the site, or being diverted. To improve the effortlessness of skimming, on different pages we actualized the arrangement of content with supplementing pictures, with wide separating.

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