Mobile App Design

The ideal mobile app design is the right blend of utility and aesthetics. If the app doesn’t truly offer any value, no design in the world would redeem it. Similarly, if the design is not on point, even the most unique and utilitarian mobile apps would find it hard to keep users interested. Designing a mobile application is not necessarily like web development.

There are a few key principles that must be kept in mind when designing an app. These principles of mobile app design are as follows:

Adhere to OS Guidelines

The two most popular mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. When you’re designing applications for these two platforms, you must keep in mind certain platform-specific guidelines to come up with the highest quality apps. And since these guidelines are dynamic, it’s important you stay atop them at all times to maintain app quality and performance.

Think About the Device Too

Mobile app design is beyond platform requirements. Since both Android and iOS have multiple mobile devices (especially Android) sporting the respective platforms, it is important the app is also designed considering design specifics. Features such as screen size, touch, pressure, voice, accelerometer, notifications, etc. may vary significantly across devices. These attributes make their presence felt more when you’re dealing with certain devices that primarily swipe gesture-based such as the iPhone X.

Mobile App Design

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Get Rid of the Clutter

Make sure your app’s user interface (UI) isn’t loaded with too much data. Every image, button, a line of text, etc. you add to the UI should be there because they add value and not for the sake of populating the screen. It’s important you eliminate design elements that aren’t absolutely necessary since reducing clutter helps improve comprehension.

Make Navigation Self-Explanatory

Another major aspect of a well-designed app is its navigation. Good navigation must be self-evident. Ideal navigation is when all features of the app are easy to discover. Besides being self-evident, consistency is important too. The navigation pattern should stay the same across different layers of the app. Moving navigation controls or buttons to a fresh location or hiding them on certain pages would only disorient the user.

Font Implementation

Resort to system fonts at all times or whenever possible. However, to incorporate your brand’s tone and voice, you may you use custom or your own brand’s fonts. These fonts can be used in the big headlines and sub-headlines. System fonts should be fine for body text. Fonts within buttons can also sport system fonts.

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