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PlayAR Application

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PlayAR takes watching a live AFL Game to a whole new level. With a simple swipe of your mobile device, enhance the game with live player information such as player name and detailed statistics about their AFL performance. PlayAR is an augmented reality app developed by PWS. To learn more about how to enhance your [...]

Ausmini Forum

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The Ausmini Forum team engaged PWS to build them a place where their morris mini enthusiasts could meet, discuss all things (mostly mini related) and share pictures of their prized minis, especially those with the extremely rare and highly sought after Mini Cooper S. After some discussion on the requirements and what the Ausmin Forum [...]

Aussie Modeller International

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Aussie Modeller International approached PWS to build them a modern forum that would provide the functionality they required to manage an expected 500 plus users. PWS first modernised the logo (the original can still be seen on the main home page of Aussie Modeller International) and then build a forum that matched the style of [...]

Queensland Target Sports

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Queensland Target Sports (QTS) is a not-for-profit organisation that teaches people of all ages and abilities the sport of target shooting. QTS engaged PWS to build their website and provide ongoing hosting services. The Queensland Target Sports website is built on a Wordpress foundation so that future updates can be easily managed by the volunteers that [...]

PWS Website

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Our very own web application that will allow us to streamline the way we do business. Currently under development, when the PWS website application is complete, it will provide full integration of all of our business systems including CRM, accounting, hosting management, project management, software development and reporting systems. The web application will set the [...]