Website Design Tips

The design and interface of your website play a crucial role in increasing the popularity of your website and ensures that customers keep on visiting it repeatedly. Here are some website user experience tips that can boost its performance.

White space

Cramming your website with content is the surest way to lose clients. Using white space makes its content more legible, especially on small displays, and allows users to focus on the images and other elements surrounding the text.

Use bullets

Use bullet lists as much as possible. They grab the attention of your readers and make them want to linger on your page. Use bullets, instead of boring walls of text, as they allow you to highlight the important features of your products in a short span of time.

Page loading speed

People no longer have the time waiting infinitely for a page to load. Ensure that your website loads quickly even on devices having a slow internet connection by doing away with huge image files, deferring JavaScript loading, and minimizing HTTP requests.

Employ hyperlink differentiation

People identify hyperlinks with blue coloured and underlined text. Including links on your website means that you want your visitors to click it. Instead of using a single word or two for a link, use several words, as they are easier to identify.

Website Design Tips

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Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

More than 70% of people nowadays use smartphones to access the net while on the move. Using responsive design ensures that your website renders properly, irrespective of the browser and the size of the display unit used by the visitor.

Avoid `404′ errors

404 error means that the client (browser) was able to connect to the server, but the latter could not find what was requested. Prevent such errors by checking all the links to your website and using the services of a reliable web hosting company with a minimum uptime of 99.99%

Use images and short videos

A picture equals a thousand words. Strategically placed images of products, infographics, graphs, and short videos are more appealing than large chunks of text and increase the retention time of your visitor.

Use frequently updated unique content

Search engines apart, visitors too, love frequently updated and unique content, relevant to the products or services you are promoting through your website. Therefore, update your website with fresh and relevant content regularly.

Professional Web Solutions implement sound website user experience techniques to their web design services. These techniques will ultimately improve the performance of your website for the end user. For more information about our Perth website design services, contact us today.