The quickest and easiest way to share files related to your project is to simply email them through to us by replying to the email about your project and attaching them. If the files are too big for email, then you can follow this guide to open a new support ticket from the PWS Client Portal using this guide.

Step One – Log-in

You can log-in to our client portal here: PWS Client Portal

Log-in using your email address registered with us and the password supplied when you first registered. If you can’t remember your password, there is a Forgot Password button which will guide you through the process to reset your password.

Step 2 – Find Your Project Ticket

Once you are logged in, click on Support->Tickets.

You will be presented with a list of all of your open tickets (it is most likely there will only be one). Find the ticket that has the title “Your Project” and click on the subject (highlighted text in image below.)

Step 3 – Add Reply Including Your Files

When you click on the ticket subject it will open up showing you the ticket history (newest comments first). There is a blue bar at the top with the text “Reply”. By clicking on “Reply”, or the plus icon at the far right of the blue bar, the reply section will expand for you. (You can also press on the green Reply button in left-hand sidebar.)

Enter any instructional text and then add your attachments by selecting the files from your computer using the choose file button. You can add as many files as you like. If you have a ot of individual files, you can create a zip file on your computer and then add the zip file so you upload everything at once. When yu have finished adding your files, press on submit.

Step 4 – Wait for page to reload

Depending on how large the files are you are uploading, it may take a little while for the page to refresh once you are done. Please wait until the screen reloads and you see your reply. Once you see that you’re done! Sit back, relax and we’ll take it from here.

If at any stage you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll help you.