Blackmore & Roy

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Custom Contact Form , Custom Product Order Form , Google Maps , Image Gallery
Client Requirements

Blackmore & Roy is a sewing machine specialist store with a large variety of domestic and industrial machines. The client wanted to have an easy-to-use interface with a newsletter and a request-a-quote section.

The Solution

As well as an easy-to-navigate and beautiful design, PWS implemented a real-time comparison system in which users could select multiple brands and models of domestic-use sewing machines and compare aspects such as Weight, Dimensions, Maximum Sewing Speed and Thread Tension System. This system is used so customers choose the best possible model for their needs and also are more likely to buy a machine due to the practicality of such a design.

The website also supports a full width Google Maps section in the contact page, a monthly newsletter, and a sale section for discounted items.

As it is an E-Commerce store, this website features a fully functional cart, coupon adding option and checkout system.