Project Description

Aussie Modeller International approached PWS to build them a modern forum that would provide the functionality they required to manage an expected 500 plus users. PWS first modernised the logo (the original can still be seen on the main home page of Aussie Modeller International) and then build a forum that matched the style of the logo.

phpBB was selected as the platform as most of the functionality requested already already existed. With addition of some extra features to reduce the image sizes to improve performance and design of a unique theme to match the style and colour palette of the logo, all of the forum requirements were met.

AMI were thrilled when PWS remained in contact and were able to remediate some bugs and add some features after the forum was completed. The forum has now grown to over one thousand users with over seventy thousand posts from model building enthusiasts.

PWS also continue to proudly provide Aussie Modeller International with scalable hosting for the ongoing requirements.