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Now’s The Time To Build A Profitable E-commerce Website

It has never been more important for businesses who sell products and services to have a high performing E-commerce website. Ensuring that your business adapts to the “new normal” will help you stay competitive and open your company up to a whole new world of customers.

Great E-commerce websites make it simple for users to navigate and buy products with ease. Too many businesses pour money into the wrong aspects of their site, instead of ensuring it has a good user experience and generates quality sales.

Our websites are beautifully built with sales as the primary focus. For that reason, you should start your website journey by contacting us first so we can ensure you get exactly what you need first time round.

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Ecommerce Website Perth

E-commerce in WordPress. The Advantage for Your Business

WordPress is one of the most commonly used Content Management Systems in the world and incorporates a variety of features, making it easy for website owners to load and manipulate their content and easy for customers to find and buy products & services.

The skills that our team have developed from years of building hundreds of websites allows us to design and build high performing e-commerce websites for your business. 

The functionality of WordPress allows us to continue to add aspects and offerings to a website as the company grows. This provides flexibility for businesses who wish to change as their operational and business environment evolve.

WordPress is a free open source management program, meaning you’re not locked into any particular web builder or company

Key Elements of a Successful E-commerce Website

1. Mobile Responsiveness

The use of mobile phones in the e-commerce field is growing by the day. Phones are now being used to access websites all over the world. By 2017, mobile phones will be used in about one-fourth of e-commerce sales therefore E-commerce websites should be mobile friendly to allow for a quality user experience. 

2. Powerful Yet Simple Search

Did you know that most purchases occur after a customer searches  and successfully finds the product they were looking for on an E-commerce website. Our team ensures that the search engine on your site is simple, powerful and efficient.

Incorporating the use of additional features such as the use of autocomplete your website will be easy to use therefore increasing the chance of a sale. 

3. Secure

Sensitive information given to websites such as email accounts, location addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details should always remain private. We implement a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for maximum security on all e-commerce websites. This encrypts all the data transferred throughout the site and is an essential feature for businesses where shoppers make payments using credit cards.

4. Fast

A slow website frustrates users. Websites whose searches buffer for more than 3 seconds are likely to lose up to 40% of total customers!

People won’t wait for your site to load, especially when using mobile phones. We can prevent you from losing valuable customers by developing a fast loading website.


Most firms have restrictions on their e-commerce websites. The regulations only allow customers with accounts to shop. Companies believe that this will enable them to follow up on sales depending on the location of their clients.

However, some one-time buyers dislike the idea of always having to input their details to complete a transaction. A more friendly approach should be adopted to save repeat buyers from the frustrating procedures that are a turn off for most clients.

You pay nothing for the first 3 months

ONLINE STORE – $660 per month

The cornerstone of most online trading, an online store will allow you to manage inventory, display your products, and accept payment online. The approach for the online store will be: We’ll get you online quickly and then work on the finer details of your online store. We’ll also be there to support you for the first 12 months ensuring all of your updates, changes, security enhancements and monitoring among many other things continue to occur while you get used to trading online. 


The packages identified below are tailored to suit specific industries and what PWS recommends as the most suitable combinations for your industry/specialisation. If you would like further advice on a package for your industry that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and one of our friendly team will be in touch soon to tailor a package specific for your needs.

The Tourism/Hospitality bundle is especially designed for those businesses who are unable to currently trade due to travel or other restrictions. It allows those businesses to trade in Gift Cards which can be redeemed in the future for products and services. It includes:


    • Online Store
    • Online Gift Cards

The restaurants and cafes bundle is ideally suited to those businesses who run restaurants, cafes, burger bars, pizzerias, or any other business looking to move to a take-away/home delivery mode of delivery where there is a range of menu options that can be tailored by the customer. This bundle will allow online ordering, menu customisation and a full suite of services including SMS notifications of order updates, delivery notification and allowing customers to select an ideal delivery window, it includes:


    • Online Store
    • Pick-up/Delivery Timeslots
    • Order Printing
    • SMS Notifications
    • Product Lists

The local retail bundle is designed for businesses that serve a local community and want to keep things simpler in terms of delivery of items or only offer local pick-up. It allows a full suite of products to be added to the website and displayed online, along with online purchases, local pick-up and delivery options if required. It includes:


    • Online Store
    • Pick-up/Delivery Time Slots
    • Order Printing
    • SMS Notifications

The broader retail bundle is aimed at businesses who sell goods and want the ability to support a customer base wider than the local community. It includes the ability to have the website automatically calculate the shipping fees using Australia Post and charge their customers accordingly. It includes:


    • Online Store
    • Australia Post Shipping
    • SMS Notifications
    • Online Gift Cards

The Group Training bundle is designed for Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Dance Classes and other businesses that run visual or interactive training for groups. It allows for paid and unpaid training sessions run through video sessions. It includes:


    • Online Store
    • Online Bookings
    • Online Webinar

The online consultation bundle is aimed at businesses that offer one-to-one consultations. Businesses such as medical practitioners, natural health advisors, accountants, business coaches and other services-based businesses. It allows clients to self-book and pay for an appointment and then automatically creates an online meeting through the popular online video meeting tool, Zoom. It includes:


    • Online Store
    • Online Bookings
    • Online Video Meeting
    • Customisable Forms

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It has never been a better time to get your business online and take advantage of the thousands of people staying at home with nothing to do but browse the internet and buy your products & services.

With nothing to pay for the first 3 months and a 12-month payment plan, you can get your business on the web trading right away and concentrate on what’s most important, keeping your business alive. With limited spaces available each month for this offer, send us an inquiry or call our team to get your website project moving.

With our years of experience, countless happy clients, and dedication to excellence and efficiency we know that you will be happy you partnered with Professional Web Solutions for your dream website.

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