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It has never been more important for businesses to have a website that actually works as a sales generator. With the current crisis driving people indoors and online, your presence on the web has to stand out and be remembered for the right reasons.

Great custom websites portray your brand’s identity with defined clarity and provide a whole new level of interacting with your customer base. Too many businesses have poured money into the aesthetics of their site and miss its potential to be a powerful lead generator.

Our custom websites are beautiful, designed with sales in mind, perfectly reflect your company’s brand, and aren’t just a theme downloaded and manipulated. For these reasons, you should start your journey by contacting us first.

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custom designed website advantages

Custom Designed Websites. The Advantage for Your Business

With the right team and skills, WordPress is a highly customizable Content Management System with many different capabilities to ensure your website is easy to use and is a powerful lead generator.

Its’ functionality allows us to add more aspects and offerings to a website as a business grows, providing flexibility for a company that wishes to change as its operational and business environment evolves. WordPress is also a free open source management program, meaning you’re not locked into any particular web builder or company.

WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Ask any SEO expert “What is the best content management system to have your website built in?”  and they will most likely tell you WordPress. For many business owners having their website appear on the front page when people are searching for their products and services is extremely important. With everyone else vying for a listing on page one of Google you need to ensure you provide your SEO expert the best platform to work with. WordPress has been developed over the years and is recognised to be the number 1 platform.

Having your website built in WordPress can be the difference from showing up on the front page of Google and the last. 

Wordpress and SEO


We have built hundreds of custom websites for hundreds of  businesses, both in Perth, throughout Australia and overseas. We have been doing this for years. Our team of designers and coders have a sound understanding of how a website should look and operate.

The services we offer our clients mean we build lasting relationships which is important as this has allowed us to gain valuable insights into how the websites we build have performed. We are constantly looking at “over the horizon” technologies to ensure we are delivering the most advanced website available.

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Take Your First Step in Gaining A Strong Online Presence

It has never been a better time to get your business online and take advantage of the thousands of people staying at home with nothing to do but browse the internet.

With nothing to pay for the first 3 months and a 12-month payment plan, you can get your business onto the web and trading.allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important, keeping your business alive. With limited spaces available each month for this offer, send us an inquiry or call our team to get your website project moving.

With our years of experience, countless happy clients, and dedication to excellence and efficiency we know that you will be happy you partnered with Professional Web Solutions for your dream website.

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