Project Description

PWS have worked on the online business management system for the Australian Air Force Cadets. The system, named CadetOne is a complex system with many interrelated processes and we are unable to provide third party access to the system. PWS can, however demonstrate the system in person if required to highlight some of the core functionality of CadetOne. Some of the major features contained within CadetOne includes:

1. Personnel Management:

  • New member enrolement process including Generation of official Defence Service number, collation and registration of all apllication documents,    generation of instrument of appointment, etc.
  •  Editing all details including NOK, photo with cropping feature, service history, promotions, honour and awards, etc.
  •  Establishment limit management and transfer of staff and cadets from one unit to another.
  •  Detailed and complex multiple membership and access level management
  •  Full pay integration with defence pay cell processes. (This system was actually the first system that was ever approved by defence for online pay management.)
  •  Medical condition details and recording of action plans, etc.
  •  Promotion, demotion, termination management
  •  Training records for all subjects, grouped by proficiency level

2. Unit management (postings from one unit to another, nominal roles, etc.)

3. Activity Management:

  •  Risk assessments
  •  Joining instructions
  •  Full detailed approval process including e-mail prompts for approvals

4. Detachment Management:

  •  All risk assessments, approval process, documentation
  •  Combining multiple units at state and national levels including management of staff appointments
  •  Training program and results management

5. Financial Management:

  • Unit, state and National level
  • Automated reporting on regular intervals
  • Full compliance with Government financial management rules

6. Synchronisation with Government systems:

  • Personal details including images passed through Defence firewalls meeting all defence security requirements for information transfers
  • Conversion from PHP based data to .Net based data

7. Mobile friendly interface compatible with phones and tablets

8. Many more features and functions of Cadetone can be demonstrated upon request